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Strategic Advisory and Guidance for Business Owners since 2007

Since I’ve began working with Terri, we’ve doubled our monthly income…

Mike Belasco

Here are some testimonials from those “early days”.

When I started working with Terri, I just found myself being more productive…

Jonathan Manske

What’s Holding You Back?

Have You Maximized Your Profit?

If you’re not sure, it’s okay, we get it.

We know the ins and outs of increasing profits. Our financial analysis and team interviews reveal hidden treasure. We’ll show you exactly how to create a business that can run without you while substantially increasing financial performance.

Frustration with Leaders?

We train and instill confidence in leaders. Our proprietary tools guide leaders in their daily focus and communication, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most. Whether your goal is to enjoy more time off or to maximize the company’s potential sales value, Terri and her team can quickly identify and close gaps in cash flow, leadership, and business processes.

Lack of Consistent Productivity?

A root cause of dropping the ball with prospects and customers often stems from a lack of developing and following proper processes.

For over 12 years, LifePoint’s process improvement techniques have enabled leaders to relax, knowing their team has clearly defined processes that are easy to follow, ensuring excellent customer care and productivity.

Business Owners and Key Leaders

call us when…

The owner wants the flexibility to come and go while the business continues to generate revenue...

However, most business owners are concerned, "If I'm not present, how can I be sure that the team is prioritizing the bottom line, attending to customers, maintaining productivity, and managing all of my other responsibilities?”

It's time to sell and you want to maximize the value of your business...

You might have a general feel for what has to happen, you just don't have the bandwidth to ensure it is done in the next 1 or 2 years.

The frustration has peaked due to your teams' insufficient accountability and unresolved conflicts....

You're prepared to make the necessary changes to permanently resolve the issues, enabling you to contribute the maximum value to the company rather than grappling with day-to-day problems.

A timely succession and replacement strategy is needed for a key executive...

In the midst of change, you also want to build momentum for the future without disrupting cash flow, team continuity, and customer service.

Client Success Stories

The CEO of A nationwide construction company now has a business that runs without him and when he’s ready, he can sell it.

After discovering the owner was responsible for 80% of all sales, and everyone went to him with problems, a new sales team was hired, a management team was developed and processes were implemented.

Today the owner is able to relax and spend quality time with his family knowing his business is successful, whether he is there or not.

A maxed out founder of a professional services business sees $45K a month in revenue growth.

After a Financial Analysis and Leadership Assessment, we co-created a plan that included changes to the team structure, accountability systems and a cash flow strategy. A Gantt Chart detailed the implementation strategy so that the owner knew exactly who was doing what.


A Turnaround story from negative cash flow to 7 figure sales.

The owner of an IT company is brilliant at defining and implementing solutions to complex problems. His issue was that he was stuck handling sales and project management. After identifying his strengths and clarifying his vision for the company, we began putting together the right team.


How Businesses Work with LifePoint

Discovery Phase

Our process involves conducting interviews with the owner and team, performing a financial analysis, conducting leadership and process assessments, and engaging in informal “walkabouts.” As a result we pinpoint critical financial leaks, team-related issues, and system inconsistencies that may not have been previously recognized by the owner and the team.

Strategy Day

In this 1/2 day strategy session, based on the information we find in the discovery phase, we prioritize our efforts. We map out a strategic plan based on your long term vision and detail a 90-day execution plan to maximize profit, create confident leaders, and increase productivity.

Implementation Phase

Execution of the 6 to 12-month plan begins. Together, we will identify the most suitable individual to implement various tasks and effect the necessary changes to realize the vision. Whether it involves selling or concentrating on your priorities, this phase aims to achieve a business that runs without you.

Since 2007, We’ve Delivered Results


An average of 30-45% topline growth


300+ Leaders are confidently leading to their vision

Industry Experience


Information Technology

Personal Services

Health Care


Professional Services

“Working with LifePoint Strategies helped me set and achieve goals for my business and life. I am living a life of joy rather than a life filled with stress.”

– Jami Fasset, Owner Up and Up Creative

All of our clients are available as a reference, including Jami.