About LifePoint Strategies

We are your:

  • Coach facilitating self-discovery, helping you grow professionally and individually by teaching you new skills and providing valuable tools so you can be true to yourself and get where you want to go, faster.
  • Advisor bringing outside expertise and helping you solve specific problems.
  • Strategist helping to identify options and create an actionable and strategic plan.
  • Partner to help you make the important decisions, so you don’t have to do it alone.
  • Champion for you, your business and your life.
  • Accountability partner to keep you focused and make steady progress towards your business and life goals.
  • Connector introducing you to great resources.
  • Ally in your corner providing outside eyes and perspective.
  • Team member providing implementation support to check-off tasks or eliminate obstacles so you can focus on what you do best.

Regardless of the role we play, everything we do is driven by strategic thinking and advising you to get from where you are to where you want to be – therefore, we call ourselves advisors.

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Best Business Consultants in Denver 2018

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Gold Level Member
Denver Chamber
GMAP Sponsor


Board Advisor

Our Beliefs

We believe each person is born with a unique strength – what they are designed to do. When each person realizes this strength, and leads from it, they are happier and life is more rewarding.

We believe each person is born with a unique purpose in life. That all of us are made to do something that matters. Part of our role as strategists is to help them realize that purpose and use their work and their business as one way to contribute to those around them in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

We believe in creating smart solutions that help our clients achieve their ultimate business and life goals and produce measurable results – therefore getting a good return on their investment of working with us.

We believe communication is about listening, not speaking. We must first listen, make our clients and team members feel heard, and read between the lines to discern what’s really going on. Only then are we able to give appropriate advice and make sound recommendations when we speak.

We believe to truly serve our clients, we must be both caring and tough. We must be understanding while also holding them accountable. We must be compassionate while also having the strength to tell them things they may not want to hear. We must authentically care about their best interests which means pushing back if needed.

Meet the team who shares these core beliefs

“Doubled my business…”

My LifePoint Strategist, Terri, is the absolute best accountability partner with whom I have ever worked. With her encouragement and accountability, I met and oftentimes exceeded the goals we had set. In the course of two years, I doubled my business and my revenue and along the way, learned some powerful lessons as well. We are only limited by our imagination and our internal self-talk. So, when we set goals and hold ourselves accountable to achieve them, combined with measurable steps and calendared action items, even the impossible become possible.

Jon Terry

Alaris Properties