We’ve all heard the saying ‘Blaze your own trail’ but oftentimes, we want to do it all by ourselves without a team. Needing help is not an admission of weakness, but rather it is a revelation of strength and an acknowledgement of the bigger vision you may have for your business.  This is why I have hired a new team member.  Please welcome Michelle Earl our new Organizational and Hiring Director.

Admittedly, one of the challenges business owners face is not being able to afford their dream team. Before working with LifePoint, one of our clients was very overwhelmed with their business and began to foster feelings of frustrations within themselves. They were working long hours with no satisfaction and were even considering forgoing their business to save themselves the headache.

Together with LifePoint, they’ve identified the gaps and learned to structure their business to market themselves to other like-minded individuals who wanted to join their team and stay. As they blaze their unique trail, they have doubled their net profit and have continuously sustained more than two million in yearly revenue. They’ve significantly reduced their working hours and feel comfortable stepping away for a 6-week-long getaway trip overseas- something that would not be possible without the acknowledgement that they needed help.

Instead of struggling to fulfill every job description, now their main job is to continue to enable their team to be better for their clients as their dream of having a multi-million-dollar business is coming true.

Sometimes, the smartest thing you can do for your business is recognize that you need help and be strong enough to ask for it. With Michelle on board we are blazing our own trail by serving more business owners who want a business that runs without them.