At LifePoint we are huge proponents of the “Perfect Week” and the “Perfect Day”.  To get the most out of your 2017 strategic plan we will focus on both in this month’s blogs.

Creating Your Perfect Week
In order to overcome what gets in your way, we focus on what we do want. The key here is focus and intentionality.  Most business owners have great ideas. It is our ability to concentrate and prioritize on the most important tasks that allows us to achieve our vision faster.

In your perfect world, what would you be doing? When would you be doing it? How much would you get paid? The Perfect Week is designed to:

  1. Remind you of what you do that is most valuable, this will keep you focused.
  2. Tell you (based on your decisions ahead of time) what to do every day that will maintain a sustainable life style based on your LifePoint goals and what your strengths are.
  3. Lead you to your financial goals.
  4. Keep you focused on how often marketing must occur.

Creating a color coded graphical representation of how to earn your net revenue based on money making time blocks, marketing results and “you time” will be a great way to overcome what gets in your way…including lack of focus and not knowing what to do next. This is all based on your strengths and what you will naturally gravitate towards.

lpsp_booklet-theperfectweek lpsp_booklet-timeblockkey

Remember that your perfect week will evolve.  Allow it to change as you become productive AND more focused on what you know you have to accomplish.  Your confidence will continue to grow as you live out your perfect week.

As you build your business you will have a better idea of what your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are, what works best for you during your perfect week and you will get a rhythm……You get your MOJO!

Don’t forget to celebrate your success!  On your marketing calendar PLAN a day of celebration.  Too often we just keep going and we don’t STOP and recognize our accomplishments.