“Good Leaders…”  What is a good leader?  And more importantly, how do we learn how to apply what they do to our businesses and lives?

Question #1: Do you want to grow?
Question #2: Will you put into action what you learn in the questions below?

Essentially, leaders:

  1. Cast a compelling vision in such a way that people want to join in the movement towards that vision.
  2. Align the people, ensure that everyone knows their job and what they are responsible for, to complete the vision.
  3. Stop talking about the vision and start doing the vision. Execute.  Action.
  4. Periodically and consistently measure the progress of the vision with key performance indicators.
  5. Hold the team accountable to the vision and measurable goals.
  6. Resolve issues that come up in a timely fashion. In other words: conflict resolution
  7. REPEAT.

Let’s start by defining the vision: What is your vision for 2017?

Action #1: If you do want to grow, measure what you did this year and define where you want to go in 2017.  Focus on 4 areas: Revenue, Marketing, Process Improvement and Leadership Development.

Action #2: Put together a plan to implement it and ask someone to hold you accountable.

Of course, if it is helpful, email us and we are glad to meet with you 1:1 to help you with the execution of your plan. 

To Your Best 2017!

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