Business Growth Pointers

What Most Business Owners Can Learn From Football Coaches

What business owner has not wished that they could get just a little better performance from their people? Unfortunately we often either don’t share our inner thoughts about performance or we do share them, but in a negative manner after the fact.

Winning football coaches don’t use this formula. Each player’s performance is crucial to winning, so coaches employ a simple three step process.

  1. They communicate what’s expected. Every player is well aware of what’s expected of them. They have a play book and they are focused on execution of each play.
  2. At practice, each player is under the watchful eye of their coaches and they receive feedback both positive and, where improvement is necessary, they receive that input too.
  3. Immediately after the game, more feedback is given as performance is dissected in game films.

I’m certain that you get the point…’s about performance communication. Are your employees given specific performance expectations, opportunities to practice and constructive feedback concerning how well they are performing?

If not, it’s unlikely that your team will win. Let’s talk about a strategy to improve your winning.