Nadia Walker is the Co-Founder, Chief Barre Officer, Music Mix Master and owner of Barre Forte in Southmoor and Highlands Ranch! She’s a LifePoint Awesome Alumni and we wanted to share a little about her journey as an entrepreneur.

Why did you hire a business coach?
I hired a business coach because I knew there were certain areas of the business that I needed to understand more thoroughly. There are areas of the business that I excel at and others that someone else can do better, and there is always something more to learn and someone more knowledgeable. For example, the accounting side of the business was something that Terri helped me with.

Tell us about a recent win! I feel the biggest success for my specific studios are the amount of new instructors who have come on board as well as the amazing new trampoline format that we have added. This format is well … amazing!

In one or two words, how would you describe what it’s like to be an entrepreneur? A LOT OF WORK!

What’s goal for you for 2019? On a small scale, I would like to increase the memberships and overall retention and on a larger scale … I want to take over the world!

THANK YOU Nadia for being a part of our LifePoint Family! Congrats on all your success and we wish you even more in 2019!