Known as a premier recognition company in Colorado, Award & Sign is focused on creating distinctive products that make you and your business stand out from the crowd! Their showroom is home to hundreds of examples of the countless products from plaques to Recognition Walls and everything needed to help people motivate and inspire your employees and customers! The owner, Sherry Armstrong, is a LifePoint Awesome Alumnus and we are so excited to show her off! She sat down and talked about some of the strategies that Terri and she worked on together.

Tell me about your business and your most recent success.
We’re working on signage for an oil company—both indoor and outdoor. These include monument signs, floor and wall decals, building signs, cut-out logos in acrylic and much more. They are going to look amazing!

Tell me why you tapped LifePoint Strategies for business advising.
Terri’s expertise in vision casting, leadership skills, management and marketing led me to believe that she would be a good advisor for me.

What are some of the lessons or strategies that you learned from Terri?
I was probably one of the more challenging clients for Terri. I am a shiny object, big-vision thinker and it can get me in trouble. Terri worked hard to reel me in. I have great respect for Terri and appreciate her tenacity and patience. Her knowledge on many subjects kept me coming back.

Why would you recommend Terri?
She knows what she is talking about!

What’s your vision for the future of your business?
To find an operations manager to give me more freedom to go after the shiny objects!