Testimonial By Jami Fasset

Not too long ago, I noticed a post in a community of consultants on social media, of which I’m a member. It’s a national group, with consultants from all over the US. This one particular day, one of the members posted a cry for help, one I recognized because it’s exactly where I was, in my life and my career, not all that long ago:

What do you do to create time for connecting with real humans? Or for making art? Or getting into nature? Or for all those things you say are most important to your soul? Life is busy, work is busy…we say “this” (whatever “this” is for you) is the thing that feeds our souls. Then we lament not having (i.e. making) time for that most important thing. Eager to know what you do to create time for what is most important to you. Because life is so freaking short…

And all I could think was, “Yes! I have been there! This is what so many people struggle with and I am so grateful  that I have been able to crack the code on this through the help of my LifePoint Advisor, Terri, and their growth system.” I now have the tools to help me be intentional about my business AND life. I have the know how to make them coexist intentionally every single day and as a result I am able to lead the life I was born to live. And it feels so amazing.

Knowing that many others, just like me, struggle with the very question above, I’m happy to share a bit about my journey and the great shifts I’ve been able to realize with the LifePoint Growth System.

Terri helped me write a strategic plan for my business AND my life. I gained clarity on what I’m uniquely good at, what fills me up, what gets in my way and what drains me. She asked me what my business would look like if I spent 80% of my time doing what I am uniquely designed to do and only 20% doing other stuff. That helped me create a more intentional shift in the type of work I’m doing and how I build my team, which has reduced my stress and increased my joy. Then she helped me set goals for 7 key areas of my life: recreational, health, spiritual, personal, financial, professional and learning. Some of these goals are daily (ex: get 2 walk or run breaks in during the work day; be present with my kids when they are home), some weekly (ex: enjoy cooking 3 times a week), some monthly (ex: 1 date night and 1 girls night per month), some for the year (one family vacation).

Terri also provided me with a great tool – a workbook – that pulls it all together with monthly calendars and reporting of how I did each week/month. This workbook, along with her coaching, has really helped me slowly change my habits and define a “new normal” focused on living the life I was born to lead.

Today, I can say that working with Terri from LifePoint Strategies, helped me set and achieve goals for my business AND life, and it has been truly transformational. I am living a life of joy rather than a life filled with stress and constant focus on checking items off my never-ending list.

If you find yourself struggling to find balance or joy, or even if you just need an objective viewpoint to help you see things a bit differently, I recommend you schedule a session with a LifePoint Advisor. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Jami Fassett is the Principal of Up and Up Creative. She helps nonprofit organizations better communicate, not just what they do, but why they do it, so they can connect with more people, raise more money and do more good. She is also a wife, a mother to two beautiful little girls, and finally leading a business and life she loves.